Mittwoch, 7. Februar 2018

Termly Teachers Meeting

After reopening the 2nd term,  the Termly-Teachers meeting organised by BA was held. After a few introductory and motivating words, each school gave updates on current activities and positive changes as well as challenges and further plans. It was also a platform for BRAVEAURORA to give updates on projects and activities.

The socialworkers drew the teachers' attention to the SACS (Social Advisory and Counselling Service) of BRAVEAURORA and encouraged all; including the teachers, and students and the community members to come when they need psychosocial support.

When the issue of too less furniture in the schools was raised, BA was happy to be able to announce the very near solution to this problem.  Thankful for a big Donation, BA is able to support the school with 250 dual desks and textbooks for the Primary school and Junior High School!

Not being the end of the great news, BA awarded the best teacher of 2016/17  academic year – the qualifying teacher appeared joyful and surprised for his award.
All in all, the meeting was rich in suggestions and ideas on how to proceed in the schools. The teachers were equally appreciative of the marvellous piece of news given to them.

Donnerstag, 18. Januar 2018

BA Team Clashes With Training Center Beneficiaries ;)

As the popular adage goes "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" Following this mantra, BA organised a football gala with the skills training beneficiaries in Guabuliga. The football game saw the BA team go head-to-head with the former skills training beneficiaries and the present beneficiaries.

As BA eschews paying lipservice to equity, it added some feminine touch to its team. Coming out in their numbers, the more muscular and masculine opposing teams showed up poised for action with threats to send the BA team to the gallows. Despite the threats, the BA team looked on with optimism and ever-ready to conquer the day. 

The very exciting and fiercely competed first round of play saw all teams bringing out their best resulting in goalless draws. After a 15 minute recess, Action started again.

The second round of play proved to be the ultimate tie-breaker. The BA team conveniently dealt the trainees with a 3 goal to nil win affirming it's football prowess. The match ended with cheers for the winning side and an outpour of congratulatory messages for the effort. The BA team thanked the entrepreneurs for their efforts and admonished them to keep their spirits high as they work everyday to put a dent on poverty.

Braveaurora Signs MoU With Ghana Education Service

With BA’s resolve to build sustainable and impactful partnerships with stakeholders in the education sector, the team on January 10, 2018 went to Walewale under the leadership of the Board Secretary (Sarah) to officially cement and formalize our partnership with the West Mamprusi District Directorate of Education. The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Braveaurora and the District Directorate coincided with the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the organization. 

The partnership is envisaged to facilitate a healthy exchange of professional experiences which have the potency to inform respective program interventions. Equally worth mentioning is the fact that it will strengthen our collective supervisory roles of the conduct of teachers. Not only would this strengthen Braveaurora's visibility and recognition in the district but also enhance our possibilities to further access donor support and build beneficial partnership with sector players. 

BA recieved admiration and praises for the interventions implemented in the Guabuliga community to facilitate quality education. Sarah remarked that BA would continue to invest in the education sector and that very soon the schools would be supplied with furniture and textbooks. On her part, Hajia Mase Sulemana appealed to BA to scale up the education programs to other communities to improve quality education in the District and the nation as whole.       

Donnerstag, 28. Dezember 2017


The third cohort of the skills training has commenced at the Guabuliga Vocational Training Centre in Guabuliga with the induction of one hundred and twenty (120) trainees. They would learn skills ranging from beads and jewelry design, shoemaking, motor fitting, modern and sustainable methods of processing and packaging shea butter to organic gardening. This follows the successful graduation and the ushering in of 60 entrepreneurs from The Training Centre into the world of work. The entrepreneurs acquired skills in baking, textile hand weaving, carpentry and organic gardening. Below are some pictures from the new training programmes.


Cultural Experience in Guabuliga

Dear Braveaurora friends,

Since beginning of November I am working as a volunteer with BRAVEAURORA in Guabuliga. The cultural exchange you can get through such an opportunity is huge – in the first moment everything was extremely different and it took me some time, till I got used to my new life circumstances. However, it was and is still very interesting getting to know Ghana - especially Guabuliga - with its culture, nature and friendly people!

Coming from Vienna, the capital of Austria, one big differences for me is living that close in the nature with free running animals. It is fascinating to see, how fast you are getting used to the easier life circumstances, e.g. having a shower with one bucket, eating and cooking with a few bowls and cups and washing your clothes with your hands.

Also, the work takes part under different circumstances e.g. being on time is in Ghana not that closely than in Austria, and fallen out electricity or bad (okay, very bad) internet connection are challenges of daily work. Because of my profession as a kindergartenteacher, the observation of the kindergarten in Guabuliga was very interesting for me. The differences are huge too, like the room and teaching methods are more like school, learning reading and writing is very important, there are 50 and more children in one class and there is less/broken furniture and nearly no teaching or playing material.

However, I like going through Guabuliga and hearing stories about the past, and I can see, how things changed through the support of BRAVEAURORA and are going to change further. I am glad to support BRAVEAURORA in its work for the next months and being a small part of this huge phenomenon – BRAVEAURORA, with exemplary attitudes, great ideas, big aims and huge engagement! đŸ˜Š

All the best,
volunteer from November2017 till May2018

Sonntag, 17. Dezember 2017

Young Ambassadors Visit Ghana Airborne Force

Members of the trailblazing Young Ambassadors Programme decided to take an excursion to the Airborne Force on Friday to acquaint themselves with the work and activities of the force. The trip was powered by Braveaurora to incentivise the hardworking team for the good job done in reaching communities on family-based care over the year.

The decision was reached after carefully considering the relevance of the force in the country's security and disaster response. Happy to welcome the ambassadors, the officers took them through theoretical and practical aspects of their work. 

Some daring ambassadors had the opportunity to go through a number of simulations. They also got to watch the landing of an aircraft and the dynamics involved in parachuting. 

The Force expressed their joy to the ambassadors for their work and extended an open invitation to them anytime they would like to visit. The ambassadors also thanked the officers for their great service to the nation. They parted with joy and content. 

Montag, 11. Dezember 2017

Second Graduation Ceremony

On Thursday the 7th, BA organised a graduation ceremony for the second cohort of the skills training beneficiaries under the theme "alleviating poverty through entrepreneurship". A total of 60 burgeoning entrepreneurs from the fields of weaving, baking, organic gardening and carpentry were inducted into the world of work. These graduates had earlier received their nationally recognised certificates from the National Vocational Training Institute. It was against this backdrop that the regional director of the institute was invited to present the certificates and throw more light on their work.

The ceremony was able to garner the presence of key regional and district level officials in the fields of education and vocational training, social work, and entrepreneurship. These dignitaries were very happy about Braveaurora's role in honing entrepreneurs in the district. They admonished the graduates to see their graduation as a first step as a lot still lies ahead. The graduates were reminded to take their businesses seriously and also work towards scaling and absorbing other idle hands. The District Coordinating Director and District Director of Education of the West Mamprusi District both made passionate appeals to Braveaurora to replicate these development solutions in other areas of the district. They applauded the organisation for the excellent work done in poverty alleviation.

The graduates were very happy to finally receive their certificates after working so hard for it. They expressed their gratitude to Braveaurora foremost, their trainers, family and friends for making it possible for them. They dazzled the crowds with their dance skills. The fresh graduates displayed their colorful products in an exhibition stand for participants to have a feel of their work. They also reiterated their commitment to keep the braveaurora brand alive by joining the other alumni in giving back to their communities. They pledged to make very good use of the skills acquired. 

Braveaurora on the other hand promised to continue its support to the graduates through offering startup capital, business mentoring, venture tie-ups and market linkages. Braveaurora was overjoyed to use the platform to update participants on its recent induction of 120 people from 7 communities into the third cycle of its vocational training programme.