Samstag, 18. März 2017


This week, the current volunteers; Steffi and Susi started their newest project: renovating and painting the office block. It took them three days to finish the interior, even as they received support  from children. First, they filled putty into the many holes and afterwards painted the walls. It was an exhausting process, but definitely worth it. The change was massive and necessary. The "painting-group" had much fun together and needed thorough baths afterwards. Cleaning their painting attire was as taxing as the painting itself. 


Two weeks ago, the BRAVEAURORA Board, the Strobl Family and an Austrian film team arrived in Guabuliga. Clemens Strobl is one of the most important donors of BRAVEAURORA. To honour the special  guests, the Chief and people of Guabuliga organized a big durbar. All trainees who benefited from BRAVEAURORA projects proudly presented their work. The reintegrated children also played a short sketch about their time in the orphanage. There was too much excitement that everyone consequently started dancing; not even our guests were able to stay on their seats.

To climax the occasion, Clemens was honored by the Chief with the Title “Maligu Naa” which means “Chief of Development”. By virtue of his title, Clemens is now allowed to sit next to the Chief and his council of elders. To get such a title is a real privilege! Clemens got in addition to that a traditional smock as a present. But not just Clemens got a present, as well, Martina – his wife – and Ninon their Daughter got some traditional clothing.

In appreciation of all the work which the Board members; Julia, Sarah and Christin did in the last 9 years, they were also presented and adorned with traditional clothing which they did not hesitate to use to show their dancing skills-- more than once!

The Austrian Television- ORF will broadcast a 15-Minute Report about the work BRAVEAURORA has done in the last 9 years. It is already the TV station's third report on BRAVEAURORA.

Trainees showcasing their work

Clemens on the dance floor

From left to right: Julia, Christin, Ninon, Sarah and Martina

Clemens looks on as he takes his rightful place by the Chief 

Montag, 23. Januar 2017


After successful training and selection of volunteers for the Young Ambassadors Programme (YAP) in 2014 (the YAP-Volunteers consist of six parents and six Orphans and Vulnerable Children(OVC), they were given the mandate to create awareness on the topics "de-institutionalization of orphanages and benefit of Care Reform Initiative (CRI)".  

Subsequently, the sensitization took place in 37 communities within the  West Mamprusi District of the Northern Region of Ghana. BRAVEAURORA therefore saw the need to reward the YAP- volunteers for their active role for the past two years

In this light, the award packages included BA certificate of appreciation, half piece of Wax cloth for parents . There was four (4) yards cloth for the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC).

To appreciate the excellent work done by the team, the celebration took place at the chief’s Palace.  There was refreshment after the occasion.
In attendance at the ceremony were Guabuliga chief and his elders, all OVC, the former occupants of Guabuliga Orphanage, parents and Braveaurora staff. In all a total about 84 audience were present to grace the occasion.

The chief of Guabuliga in his concluding remarks, took his time to explained who was an ambassador is, his/her roles and responsibilities.  Accordingly, he advised the YAP-Volunteers to show commitment to their work and to avoid social vices.  

Mittwoch, 30. November 2016

BA Donates to Guabuliga Clinic

In BA’s work to trigger and sustain holistic community development, several facets of community needs are considered. It is fact, that a healthy population is an essential barometer for a developed community. In consonance, BA is passionate about making health more accessible and affordable to the rural poor. To achieve this goal, in this season of giving, BA donated drugs, equipment and material essentials to the Guabuliga St. Joseph the Worker Clinic. Receiving these items on behalf of the Clinic, Mr. Bismarck; Director of the Catholic Health Unit of the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocese applauded BA for the continuous support to the facility and the people of Guabuliga. He pledged his outfit’s commitment to deliver quality healthcare to the people. He also noted that the facility will put the donated items to highest and best use. Witnessing the event, Naa Salifu Tampuri, Chief of Guabuliga also commended BA for the unflinching support to the community. He observed that as partners in development, the community is ever ready to support BA to bring development about. He noted that the people of Guabuliga will support BA with labor to put up a permanent accommodation for health workers in the community. The construction of the apartment is set to start before 2017.

Dienstag, 29. November 2016

My First Weeks in Guabuliga

Dear Braveaurora Friends,

My name is Julia, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Austria. I’m in Guabuliga since the 29th of October and I will stay here as a volunter till the middle of January. After my stay in Ghana I want to study Social Work in Austria. My hobbies are acting, singing, reading and meeting friends. I act in a theater group since 6 years now and it’s definitely my favorite free time activity.

My first weeks in the north of Ghana were filled with some ups and downs. Everything is so different here and I needed some time to arrive. It’s also my first time on a different continent, but until now it feels like Ghana was the right decision J

During my first weeks in Guabuliga the social workers Madam Suzie and Madam Eklimatu introduced me to their work, e.g. the reintegration concept and the yap programme. I also went to Tamale with the Project Manager  Abdul and Madam Suzie to have a meeting with the Department of Social Welfare (DSW), this was really interesting! Furthermore, Madam Eklimatu and I went to all the reintegration families to update some data. It was an entirely new experience for me to see how people live and work in their compounds. All of them were very friendly and did their best to help us! Of course I also went to the Chief of Guabuliga. I was really, really excited! We had a nice conversation and he welcomed me friendly!

As I mentioned earlier, acting is my greatest passion, that’s why I started working on a play with the YAP members. We try to meet twice a week and the play should show that family care is the best for children. Madam Eklimatu is supporting me during the rehearsals. We met three times so far and I’m excited about our next rehearsals already!

To sum up, I’m very glad to have this opportunity and I want to thank the BRAVEAURORA team for welcoming me in such a kind way!

Best regards,
The Chief and I

Donnerstag, 3. November 2016

YAP Team Embark on Daytrip

Members of BA’s Young Ambassadors Programme (YAP) comprised of reunified Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) together with their parents had a daytrip to the upper part of Ghana after a great year reaching out to communities and individuals. Recognizing the importance of raising children in a family environment; in an atmosphere of love, happiness, and understanding, the YAP team this year sensitized 20 communities in the West Mamprusi District on the dangers of orphanage-care for children. To incentivize the team for their great work, BA’s social workers and team leader led them to the historic sites. It was an exhilarating experience for them as they got to take upclose shots with crocodiles from the Paga Chief Crocodile Pond and dance to rythms made with rocks at the Pikworo Slave Camp. The team also crossed the Ghanaian border into Burkina Faso to get a short taste of life in a different country. Pictures of the trip are shared below; 

Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2016


Bukari Dorcas is a 45 year old mother of five and the sixth wife of Mr. Ransford. Mr. Ransford has 20 children. Because of the large size of his family, he has left the survival of his children entirely in the hands of his wives. Dorcas as one of his wives earns her living through peasant farming. She does the farming during the rainy season to take care of herself and her children and travels to the southern part of Ghana during the lean season to work as head potter. A phenomenon in Ghana popularly referred to as “Kaayaaye”.

She has been looking for an opportunity to receive entrepreneurship skills training where she could stay in Guabuliga and take control of her life without going through the herculean task of travelling to southern Ghana looking for greener pastures. The “Kaayaaye’ comes with negative social vices such as rape, thievery, prostitution and others. Luck smiled on her and BA selected her among those chosen to receive entrepreneurship training in LIQUID SOAP AND POMADE MAKING.

As part of BA commitment to push entrepreneurial activities in the community of Guabuliga, BA gave her a skill that would help her secure her livelihood as well as those of her dependence.  This support has given madam Dorcas the opportunity to establish her own business and she is now able to take care of her children’s school needs in Guabuliga.

After graduation from BA training centre, BA assisted her with a startup capital to produce liquid soap for sale in Guabuliga and the surrounding villages. This has become a game changer in her life. She is now able to produce both liquid soap and pomade in larger quantities and sell the products in Guabuliga and the surrounding villages and makes profit from it.

Dorcas is so elated that her entrepreneurial dreams have finally come true. She is now a happy woman as she able to take care of herself and family. She has also done away with the idea of “Kaayaaye”. When we contact her about her message for BA, Madam Dorcas has this to say “I am very grateful to BA; your projects and programs have transformed Guabuliga and changed my life for the better”.  Below is a snapshot of madam Dorcas and her business.